5 Cycling Resolutions to Make in 2018

New Years Resolutions for biking

Do you have goals for your cycling in the New Year? Start the year off right by making cycling resolutions for 2018 that you can feel good about. These resolutions are good for your body and your soul, so try committing to a few of these this New Year.


  1. Start biking to work.

    You have to get to work somehow, so why not commit to turning your commute into an opportunity to ride? When you bike to work, you’ll save money on gas and you won’t have to sit in obnoxious traffic or worry about when you’ll get your ride in. Cycling to work is an excellent two-for-one—you get where you need to go, and you get your cycling in, too.

  2. Complete a bike race.

    If you’re cycling to and from work everyday, you’ll get in enough practice to feel confident signing up for a bike race! Even if you’re not, there are all kinds of races out there, so don’t hesitate to make this one of your 2018 resolutions. Double up and sign up for a race that benefits a worthy cause, like Padres Pedal the Cause. Complete your bike race goal, meet some incredible people and help create a world without cancer all at the same time. Talk about starting your year off right!

  3. Bike Mount Soledad.

    If you’re a cyclist living in the San Diego area, make sure you’ve biked Mount Soledad. Whether you go the more challenging Via Capri route, or stick with the fully paved Soledad Mountain Road route, the 360-degree views you’ll enjoy of San Diego, La Jolla, the Pacific ocean and the surrounding sights truly can’t be beat. Even if you’ve biked here before, try a new route to the top and experience biking Mount Soledad in a whole new way. Get there early to avoid traffic and enjoy the views in great light.

  1. Join a cycling club.

    Joining a cycling club is great for motivation, accountability and meeting new people. You can get to know your skill level better and improve your skills by riding with more experienced cyclists. You can also learn about new local rides and get used to group riding while connecting with members of your club. If you are new to a city or new to cycling, joining a cycling club is a great way to make new friends get involved in the local cycling community. Cycling clubs also often take part in giving back to local causes as a team, and your club could even get you discounts at various venders.

  1. Ride without a goal sometimes.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers—your average speed, the number of miles you’ve clocked, your elevation and heart rate—so make sure to leave room for riding for enjoyment. If you can, try to commit to one ride a week without any goal at all. Just appreciate the ride.



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