5 Ways to Stay in Cycling Shape in the Winter

Winter cycling can be tricky, but don’t let it keep you from riding.



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  1. Incorporate New Routes: Head to summer’s busiest trails, usually empty in the winter, or wind through industrial parks or neighborhoods. On the road, go for less trafficked back roads that you might not normally ride.
  2. Focus on endurance rather than speed. Practice longer rides to build up your endurance and build physical strength and mental fortitude. Work on keeping a consistent pace and keep your cadence around 90 pedal strokes per minute.
  3. Get an Indoor Trainer: A bike trainer turns your regular rig into an indoor exercise bike with minimal gear. Trainers are also portable, so you can ride indoors in front of the TV or next to the window while the rain falls. Visit one of our Pedal Partners to test their array of trainers and see what they recommend for your needs.
  4. Work on Technique: Since you may not be able to ride as much as you’d like in the winter, work on keeping your skills intact. When you can’t ride, practice skills such as track stands so you can take off quickly and maintain balance without unclipping from your pedals.
  5. Cross Train: When your bike is in the shop or you can’t ride at all, cross training will keep you in shape in the winter. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor options, from jogging to swimming to skiing to snowshoeing. Incorporating other physical activity in addition to cycling helps improve your overall fitness.
  1. […] Plus, it’s easier for you to perform high intensity intervals (HIIT), which have been proven to boost your metabolism rate. This is important: a higher metabolism rate burns more fat, even hours after you stop exercising. What’s more, a higher metabolism rate allows you to eat more brain food without gaining weight. And brain food gives you a higher business efficiency. […]

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