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Corporate social responsibility programs, or CSR projects, are an ideal tool for promoting a company while giving back to society in a meaningful way. The opportunity to highlight company principles and achieve positive publicity for the brand makes giving back even more attractive. Companies participating in corporate philanthropy programs enjoy the advantages of customer and employee buy in, which can draw in new customers and positive press to promote the corporate brand. They can even save money via tax breaks. Finally, CSR projects can create a valuable sense of community and camaraderie amongst employees, ultimately benefiting the company.

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Select Padres Pedal the Cause as your Corporation’s CSR Project

Padres Pedal the Cause is a community-wide event centered on raising money to fund collaborative cancer research in San Diego.  Our event weekend in November offers participation options to match all employee skills and abilities; it is therefore a perfect opportunity for your company’s CSR activities. From a sponsorship and marketing perspective, Padres Pedal offers a number of sponsorship benefit levels ranging from $5,000 to $250,000. Each level comes with benefits including year round digital branding on the Padres Pedal website, to on-site team training rides or cycling clinics. On an individual level, employees taking part in CSR activities are also able to choose how they contribute: whether employees want to be a member of the riding team, register to spin, or just volunteer, there’s a role for everyone with Padres Pedal. Companies can even help employees set and meet wellness goals that promote healthy living through working with Padres Pedal.

Because Padres Pedal holds events throughout the year leading up to the main event weekend in November, there are ample opportunities for your company to get involved. We hold training rides and fundraising celebrations throughout the year, allowing you to build excitement and awareness for your CSR activities, while promoting your company and its role as a corporate sponsor. On event weekend, there are rides of varying distances for different abilities starting at a short 5 mile Urban Crawl, middle distances ranging from 25-60 miles, and up to 150 miles over two-days. Whether your employees ride the 88-mile Honey Springs Heartbreaker course, help support the Kids Challenge or volunteer at aid stations along any course, there are lots of ways to participate!

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Considering the prevalence of cancer in San Diego and across the country, it’s likely some of your employees have either had cancer themselves or stood with a loved one as they fought the disease. Participating in Padres Pedal can help provide visible, tangible support for these employees who have been touched by cancer.  Additionally, Padres Pedal provides funding for all cancer types, making our CSR programs inclusive and personally relevant to a wide audience. The money we raise goes to world class beneficiaries serving San Diego, benefiting our community and potentially helping someone you know! We’re among the few fundraising organizations that donates 100% of all proceeds directly to research, assuring that whatever money your CSR projects raise, 100% of it goes to scientific research to help end cancer.

How to Get Started

In a few simple steps, you can get your team up and running. First, identify an internal company advocate to captain the team, distribute information, and get everyone motivated. Second, identify whether corporate funds are available for donation matching, corporate fundraising or registration fees. Next, coordinate with Padres Pedal staff to plan a company lunch to learn more about Padres Pedal the Cause and how your CSR activities can raise funds and promote your corporate brand. After that, work with Padres Pedal staff to use internal media tools to recruit and get people involved with the team.

One excellent way to get people involved and motivate team members is to participate in the Ride for a Child Program. This program—a partnership between San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital and Padres Pedal—pairs teams with a child undergoing cancer treatment at Rady Children’s. Your team can build a relationship with the child and family you’re riding for, while maintaining drive and inspiration as you train, fundraise and ride in the child’s honor. The Ride for a Child Program helps keep team members and sponsors engaged and committed to their goals.

Why We Do It

Padres Pedal is committed to helping end cancer by funding lifesaving, collaborative research in San Diego. Our three-year vision brings us to the forefront of cancer treatment and prevention funding by contributing between $5-$10 million per year to research. By 2019, we hope to recruit 6,000 riders to participate in Padres Pedal the Cause and raise $7-$8 million for cancer research. You can be a part of our mission to find the cure for cancer by choosing Padres Pedal as one of your company’s CSR projects; we certainly can’t do it without our teams and the support of our sponsors.

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If you are interested in finding how your company can get involved with Padres Pedal the Cause, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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