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Your Padres Pedal Event Questions Answered:

There will be a rest stop approximately every 10-12 miles for water, food, and mechanical and/or medical attention. Support vehicles will also patrol the course to provide assistance, if necessary. Visit our Courses page to learn more about course support.

Course are extremely well-marked. Before your start, you will receive a safety briefing giving you instructions and telling you which signs to look for. Padres Pedal the Cause volunteer Course Marshals are also stationed around each course at key turns to ensure rider safety. In the rare event you get off course, call the SAG number located on your bike tag for assistance.

Yes, riders are required to abide by the rules of the road for this ride. Please visit the Rider Safety page for a complete description of the rules of the road.

Stationary cycling is also called spinning, though the term “spinning” is a trademarked brand of stationary bike classes. We have created a special event called Pedal the the Park in which LA Fitness has provided state of the art bikes for you to use on the field at Petco Park! Register now for Pedal at the Park before it sells out!

Yes! There are a variety of hotel options in the area for all that are interested in spending the evening close to the venue. Visit our Plan Your Weekend page for current offers.

Padres Pedal has a partnership with RIDE Cyclery who has a convenient location inside of Petco Park. There are also several other shops in town that rent bikes as well. If you are interested in renting a bike for the Padres Pedal event, please visit our Pedal Partners page for more details.

Visit the Event Schedule page for the most up to date event day schedule.

A Padres Pedal the Cause team is a great way for friends, family members, and colleagues to ride, spin, and fundraise to share their experience. In addition to individual rider profile pages, teams automatically get a page as well that lists all team members and displays cumulative raise. Team members can share donations made to their team as a whole. Funds may only be shared with fellow team members.

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