Fundraising Made Easy

The best way to fund raise? Tell your story.

Charity events are a great way to have fun and help a good cause. But some people find that fundraising doesn’t come naturally to them, or they feel like asking for donations is difficult and awkward.

Remember, if you believe in the cause you’re supporting, other people will as well and you might be surprised at how many people you talk to have been touched by cancer. Here are some simple ways to talk to people about supporting you in Pedal the Cause

Telling Your Story

One of the easiest ways to start a conversation about donations is to simply tell your story.

I was talking with someone recently who said she wasn’t comfortable asking her co-workers for donations.  Two days later she had a sizable donation from a co-worker.  How did that happen?  Turns out she was having a casual conversation at lunch, and mentioned that she was cycling on the weekends to get into shape for a big ride.  The person asked about the event.  The rider told a brief story, and her co-worker said, “I’ll donate to you.”  So the rider didn’t ask for a donation.  She told a story, and the friend asked to make a donation.

Telling your story is what your profile page is all about.  A picture and a brief story that inspires someone to make a donation.

Using Your Profile Page and Fundraising Tools

Update your profile page

You can start telling your story with your Pedal the Cause fundraising page. Riders who personalize their profile with a picture and a few words raise 30% more than those that don’t. You can do it all in less than ten minutes and make a world of difference to donors. And it’s not a time consuming task. It takes less than five minutes to post a picture to your profile. It takes only five to ten minutes to write a few words. You don’t have to write a poignant story for the ages – write a few brief words. Do it now, and you can always change and update it later.

 The “ask” made easy

We realize that some people are not comfortable doing a direct face-to-face ask, so Pedal the Cause participants have access to all the tools to make it easy to reach out to people through email and social media. Your profile gives you the tools to send out the same email to dozens of people at the same time, or you are able to adjust the text for each person you want to outreach to. The email contains a link that brings them back to your profile on which they can make a donation. In your emails and social media posts, link to your profile and ask people to support you. You will find that it’s not as difficult as you think and it’s important to include the request for support.

For the last event I did, I sent out 20 emails before I went to bed one night and had four donations when I woke up in the morning, including a surprising $1,000 donation from an old friend that I hadn’t talked to in over two years.  He donated because his mother was recently diagnosed with cancer, and he was looking for ways to give.  The lesson I learned there was that you’ll be surprised about where you’re biggest donations will come from AND by the number of people whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

Donations made easy

Your profile page makes it easy for people to donate directly to you, through the emails you send them or the posts you make on Facebook or Twitter.

And when you tell someone a story that inspires him or her to give, the Pedal the Cause individualized mobile app makes it easy to accept their donation on the spot. When someone says, “I’ll donate.  Send me some information.”  You can say, “Here you go. I just texted it to you.”

The mobile app is easy to use.  Go to your profile page and click on SEE MOBILE SITE and scan the QR code.  Save it to the home screen on your smart phone, and then share it with people through text messaging or Facebook.  In fact, I posted the mobile app to my Facebook account today and got a $100 donation within an hour – from a friend in New York.

Mastering the Minimum

You can definitely do this. Fundraising minimums over $2,000 are common practice. Many of the most successful athletic fundraisers in America that raise millions for cancer have similar minimums, including the Pan Mass Challenge in Boston, Pelotonia in Ohio and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk here in San Diego.  Tens of thousands of participants across the country have achieved and exceeded similar minimums, and many in San Diego are doing it.


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