Where Does the Fundraising Money from Padres Pedal the Cause Go?

When you participate in a fundraiser, you might wonder where the money goes. If you’re wondering “Where does the fundraising money from Padres Pedal the Cause go?” we want to be transparent about how we use every penny we raise, so you can feel confident that your contributions make an impact.

Padres Pedal was interested in learning what our participants want to know about how fundraising money is used. We asked a variety of different questions, addressing different aspects of donating. We learned that, while reasons for donating may differ, the majority of our survey participants wanted to hear about how their donations were used. In fact, when we asked respondents to rate how important transparency was when choosing to participate in fundraising, nearly 60% of those surveyed said transparency was very important to them.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get that transparency when they donate. When we asked survey participants to rank their knowledge of where previous donations have gone, only 35.6% of those surveyed said they felt very knowledgeable, while 14.6% of those surveyed said they weren’t knowledgeable at all. Lack of information can deter people from donating, and 61.5% of survey participants said they were more likely to give when they could track how their donation makes an impact. Moreover, an impressive 73.6% of respondents agreed that they were more likely to give to a charity based on results and facts. It’s clear that for most people, knowing how their donations are being used to help is important to them.

How Does Padres Pedal Use the Funds Raised?

Padres Pedal believes in transparency, too, so we make sure the results of our yearly fundraising are announced, along with how the money we raise is used each year. If you want to know, “Where does Padres Pedal the Cause Fundraising Money Go?” we make sure the information is easily available to all. Ultimately, the answer is simple: 100% of every dollar raised funds life-saving cancer research.

Padres Pedal the Cause is committed to making an impact by ensuring that every cent of the money we raise goes directly to collaborative cancer research projects at our four beneficiaries. That means that the $10 million we’ve raised since 2013 has gone right to cancer research in San Diego.  Find out how you can be a part of raising funds to help end cancer by joining us today.



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