Fundraising Tips

Padres Pedal the Cause Fundraising Tips

Thank you for joining in the fight for a world without cancer!

While fundraising doesn’t come naturally to everyone, all it takes is telling your story and talking to people about why you are fighting for a world without cancer, whether you’re riding, walking, running, or spinning. You might be surprised by how many people have been touched by cancer and who are excited to support you.

You joined Padres Pedal for a reason and people you speak with will appreciate that. Whether that reason is because someone close to you was or is battling cancer, or because you wanted a personal challenge while supporting a good cause, talk to people you know and people you meet about your reason for joining Padres Pedal.

Here are some quick tips to maximize your fundraising efforts and reach your goal:


The best fundraisers are the ones that can tell a good story. Upload a photo and share your story on why you’re going through all the trouble to raise money and ride hard on event weekend. Make sure to share that 100% of all donations go towards cancer research!


The first step in fundraising is just to ask! In your Padres Pedal profile online, you will find examples of solicitation emails that you can customize with your own story and reasons to participate, and add the link to your profile where people can directly donate to your fundraising efforts.


Fundraisers who make a personal donation raise twice as much! If you believe in the cause you’re supporting, other people will as well. You can either self-donate during registration or go to your profile at any time and make a donation in your own name.


Social media is the easiest and fastest way to engage your friends and family to tell them about your fundraising efforts. Padres Pedal makes it simple to share – in your profile, click on “See Public View” and use the different social share buttons that are under your profile photo. We’ve made a few shareable images to get you started – check out the Social Posts page to download some social-media-ready images!


Make it a social event by gathering your friends together. Happy hours are common endeavors but really the sky is the limit with this one. Have a Padres Pedal the Cause yard sale. Host a party or BBQ at your house and charge a cover to be donated to your team.


Many companies have a matching gifts program to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Ask your Human Resources department if your company matches gifts, and encourage your donors to do the same.


Step up your fundraising and make an even bigger impact on cancer research by earning awesome incentives beginning at $2,500. Let the Padres Pedal fundraising incentives motivate you on your path to raise as much money for cancer research as possible.


Donors want to know that their money will be well-stewarded and is going to support cancer research. Due to the generosity of sponsors who underwrite , Padres Pedal the Cause has a 100% donation model, meaning every single dollar raised goes towards collaborative cancer research projects in San Diego. Learn more about where the money goes and the 42 projects funded so far on our Impact page.


This is an important one. Always take the time to thank each and every person that helped you reach your goal. Go to “Your Donations” in your profile to view your donors and their contact information.



Fundraising Competition: Challenge your teammates to see who can raise the most on your team. Come up with a prize that the top fundraiser will win within your group!

Change Competition: Collect change at work and turn it into a competition between departments.

Parking Spot Auction: Get your employer to raffle off the best parking spot for a week or a month.



Padres Pedal Logos: Feel free to use Padres Pedal logos to help boost your fundraising. You can find downloadable versions on our Tools Page and a list of rules of how to use them properly.

Customized Collateral: On the Tools Page you will find a customizable collateral “shop” where you can browse some of our pre-made collateral that you can purchase, at cost, through us and we can customize with your team or individual information.

Social Media Photos and Videos: Get social and share some Padres Pedal photos on all your different platforms. We have also created customized profile and background photos to show your support to Padres Pedal on your social media sights.

Impact Report: Download our Impact Report and share with your friends and family to show them how their donation will make an impact in the fight against cancer!


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