Groceries4Good - Deliveries for cancer patients in need


The Padres Volunteer Team, Padres Pedal the Cause and Susan G. Komen San Diego are teaming up with local grocery partner Albertsons/Vons through a collaborative effort to provide groceries to patients and families who are currently going through cancer treatment at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health and Rady Children's Hospital who are unable to access their needed groceries.

Recognizing that many cancer patients are immunocompromised, at a high-risk for COVID-19 complications and may be impacted by the high cost of cancer treatment, we are pooling together resources and energy to purchase and deliver groceries for these patients. Our hope is that this service will allow patients a small opportunity for cost savings and an option for them to remain at home, recovering from cancer treatment, and avoid risk infection through public interaction during an already difficult treatment time.









Groceries4Good is offering 3 distinct bundle options to fit the patients dietary needs.
Click below on the bundle names to view a complete list of the items included in the bundle.

Due to funding restraints, requests are temporarily suspended. If you know a company or an individual who us interested in funding the Groceries4Good program, please have them donate here or contact


Program FAQ's


How long will you offer this service?
Requests to join the program have temporarily been suspended. If you know a company or an individual who us interested in funding the Groceries4Good program, please have them donate here or contact

Who qualifies for this service?
Cancer patients at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center or Rady Children’s Hospital who need financial and operational assistance getting groceries.

How can I help support this initiative?
Great question! Financial donations can be made via our website or by mailing a check to Padres Pedal the Cause. If you are interested in volunteering or donation product, please email

Will you accommodate allergies or other dietary restrictions or requests?
We partnered with UC San Diego dieticians to create grocery bundles that meet basic nutritional needs. If you have any allergies, yes, we will take that into account and substitute items as needed. All groceries are dependent on availability; where necessary, we will make basic substitutions for items not currently available.




“Kellie’s story of receiving groceries from Groceries4Good.Kellie’s story of receiving groceries from Groceries4Good.Kellie’s story of receiving groceries from Groceries4Good.Kellie’s story of receiving groceries from Groceries4Good.Kellie’s story of receiving groceries from Groceries4Good.”

Kellie Sullivan – Padres Pedal ambassador and breast cancer fighter

“OMG! What a wonderful blessing. My food was delivered this morning by the kindest gentleman from the San Diego Padres volunteers. It honestly was all I needed and even had some extras. I want to thank you all for this amazing program. This is truly an uncertain time in our country and it is intensified with a recent progression of my stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. This has helped us so much.”

“Thank you so much, I just received my groceries. I still can’t believe it! Like an angel flew over and sprinkled me with the largest blessing of food. “

“I was visited on Saturday by a beautiful volunteer from your organization – and she brought bags and bags and more bags of wonderful groceries to me. It was great to feel taken care of by people like you all. Please tell everyone at the organization that I truly appreciate their help and their caring.”

“I wanted to take a few minutes to give our sincere thanks for the groceries. They came at the perfect time. We had just learned that I most likely will not be able to return to teaching in the classroom and virtual teaching is not being offered at my school next year. With the prospect of losing my job, or starting disability looming overhead my wife and I felt overwhelmed. We had no sooner started praying when my medical team recommended your program. It has been a blessing. It did so much to lighten our mood and let us know we are loved and looked out for.

We were so impressed with the quality of produce and variety of groceries, we are using them all. My kids immediately devoured the oreo’s like they had never seen them before in their lives. It was such an awesome treat. As a parent, the fun non-essentials are always the first things to go, so this was a welcome surprise that the kids loved (Okay, I totally ate more than my share too!). We took pictures of all the food and sent them to our family and they all had the same reaction…they were blown away and so happy for us.

Fast forward a week, and (Shannon) called and let us know that this would be happening on a weekly basis. This definitely caused tears of joy between my wife and I. It truly makes a huge difference to us. We are overwhelmed in a good way now, and it seems to enter our daily conversation. I can’t tell you how many times my wife has told the story to our friends. It gets me misty eyed every time for sure, but I don’t mind, it’s good to have something positive to focus on.

All this to say, THANK YOU! Please thank the rest of the team and volunteers for us. We are so incredibly thankful to receive the groceries and feel the love from the community. The only bummer, we can’t run out and give the deliverer a hug of gratitude or invite them in for coffee and a sweet treat. Perhaps in the future.

Send our love and hugs to everyone who is a part of this wonderful program.”

“Thank you so much for your second delivery of food to me on Sat. 6/27. Having those wonderful groceries helps me a great deal, especially on days when I am just not up to venturing out. Also, because of the coronavirus, I feel so much safer at home. By the way, your delivery person Bonnie is a real joy – so cheery and helpful.

Just wanted to say “thanks again; your help is so appreciated.””

“Groceries4Good – Your organization is indeed doing good – for me!

I have leukemia, and yesterday morning I had to go to the Moores Cancer Center for a platelets transfusion. When I arrived home after my transfusion, on my front porch were the many bags of groceries from Groceries4Good awaiting me.

That was very much appreciated. Your wonderful delivery person Bonnie had left me a little note saying she was sorry to have missed me.

I greatly appreciate your organization and all the help you are providing me.”

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on my first food delivery from Padres Pedals.

What a great surprise and enormous help it is to me, especially in this condition. I can’t thank you enough.

The person who delivered the groceries was so nice and the selection of food was more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

Thank you, thank you, to everyone involved in this wonderful program. I hope it continues.”

“Thank you, to you and your organization for the help you give families the hope and peace.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful delivery today! Linda was here by 10:45 am. She was so sweet and very kind. I really appreciate the kindness of your Padres program. The groceries will help my family more than you know.”

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