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Padres Pedal Riders

The people who ride for Padres Pedal the Cause are at the core of our charity bike rides. We are able to raise funds for life-saving cancer research because of their hard work and commitment. Padres Pedal riders know the importance of why we produce the event, because they are cancer survivors themselves, as well as friends and family of survivors. They participate knowing that this charity contributes to changing lives with each pedal stroke. At Padres Pedal the Cause, our riders volunteer their time and ask for contributions with one goal in mind: A world without cancer.

One of the great things about Padres Pedal participants is that every year we have riders of every ability level in our charity cycling rides. From long-time experienced riders to complete newbies that are riding for the first time, all are welcome to join in on the fun! It’s exciting to watch these groups of people come together and become one united community raising money for groundbreaking cancer research. No matter how long you’ve been biking or how far you can ride, you’re making a difference when you sign up to be part of the Padres Pedal charity cycling events. Learn more about why other riders choose Padres Pedal the Cause as their charity bike ride.

Given that our mission is to help create a world without cancer, and exercise is one of the keys to lowering your risk factors, we’re always happy to help get more people on bikes. We also want to help you stay safe on your bike to maximize your enjoyment while on the road cycling for cancer research. Whether you’re new to the charity cycling events, cor you just want a chance to practice your group riding skills, we offer ways to help our riders stay comfortable and safe during our charity bike rides.

We want to help our riders have fun and stay safe on the road, so we provide training rides to help you prepare. During our training rides, it’s important to us to help our newer riders feel comfortable on their bikes, as well as on the road with other riders and vehicles. Even if you’re an experienced cyclist, group rides are a different animal, so it’s a good idea to take part in a training ride to get a feel for group riding etiquette. We work closely with Cycling Camp San Diego, our course consultants, to help support our training rides as well as prepare the courses for our cycling event in November. They have also been kind enough to let us share their CCSD Group Riding Etiquette with our riders. Riding in a group is a unique experience, so review these guidelines before heading out on the next Padres Pedal training ride or on your own group ride to ensure a safe, fun experience. Ride charity and keep the rubber side down!

Your Fundraising Pledge for Research that Saves

You’ve chosen to join us November 11th and 12th in our fight to end cancer, and we thank you! Now it’s time to decide what fundraising pledge you’re able to commit to for our common cause. We have options that work for all ages, skill levels and abilities, so we welcome you to explore the choices and find out how you’re able to join our group! We’ll offer resources along the way to help you with your fundraising, too, like profile pages to help you solicit donations and tell contributors about why you ride. You can even use social media to help spread the word! Remember, all your hard work is worth it because every cent you raise goes to research that saves lives.

Riders can choose from several Saturday and Sunday courses in our charity bike rides, each with a different fundraising commitment. The longer the ride, the higher the minimum and the greater chance you have to make a difference. You can even ride one course on each day for the ultimate challenge. The Urban Loop, our shortest course of the two days, asks for just a $500 fundraising minimum, while our longest course, the Honey Springs Heartbreaker, asks you raise a minimum of $1,250. There are five other courses available, all with different fundraising minimums within that $500-$1,250 range. The Kids’ Challenge has no fundraising minimum, but you’d be surprised how much a child’s enthusiasm can help raise for our vital cause! Your commitment to your course and our cause helps inspire people to donate to your ride.

Want to challenge yourself to a ride, but don’t have a bike? Become one of our Stationary Bike Riders! Stationary Cyclists participating in the stationary bike classes are asked to raise $300 per hour of participation. You can choose from just one hour of cycling class all the way up to four hours, all with the potential of raising $300 per hour. Even if you can’t be here and participate physically, you can be one of our valued Virtual Riders. Virtual Riders still create profiles and are asked to contribute a $50 self-donation before raising as much as they can. As a Virtual Rider, you can participate from near or far and still make a difference in helping to end cancer.

No matter how much you pledge to raise, participants can receive fun Padres Pedal swag and incentives for high fundraising efforts. So join us, do your best, ask friends and family to join in and help us create a world without cancer! We can’t wait for you to join our charity cycle ride!



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