Happy Father’s Day

Our riders are a diverse group, from world champion cyclists to total beginners; from researchers to lawyer; from kids to grandparents. In honor of Father’s Day, we are highlighting a few of the amazing dads who are part of the Pedal community.

Nathan Chappell is a UC San Diego team and works in the Health Sciences Development department. “Being a fundraising professional is an extremely rewarding career.” It’s even more personal for Nathan and his family, “My wife and I had just started dating when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just before college. And two years ago, we lost her father to throat cancer.”

Nathan heard about Pedal through work, and decided to make it a family affair. Nathan

Nathan Chappell, Team Health Sciences Hotties and HeroesNathan Chappell, Team Health Sciences Hotties and Heroes

and his son, Toby, are both signed up for the 10-mile ride. “Talking to Toby about fundraising and planning activities together has been a great bonding experience for us and a good growth experience for him.”

Even at just 15 years old, Toby is aware of the danger cancer poses. “He knows his mother is a cancer survivor, and we all still feel the loss of his grandfather. Toby also had a classmate pass away from brain cancer.”

The father-son team is planning joint fundraising activities and training rides. Pedal the Cause is also opening up conversations about philanthropy in general. “Most meaningful part is being able to engage my son and help him with that altruistic feeling of helping others, and showing him my world.”

Nathan and his family will celebrate Father’s Day by spending time together, and maybe even a bike ride.

Team Chodorow has also made Pedal the Cause a family event. The family was shocked when dad Ingram was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2013. Ingram decided to be treated at Moores, and his sons were there every step of the way. “I was impressed with how much interest they took in the medicine. They spent a log of time reading and learning to try to get an understanding. They were always coming with me to my doctor visits and to help me through the process.”

Chodorow FamilyThe Chodorow brothers also signed up for Pedal the Cause, and poured their energies into training and fundraising. Said Brett, “I trained pretty hard for it; and I loved the ride, it was really challenging. Climbing to Julian was scary for me, but my dad and everyone who is battling cancer can show up for treatment, the ride is the least I can do.”

The whole family was there for Event Weekend, with Ingram and mom Ellen cheering their boys on. Remembers Ellen, “We were at every single aid station last year. We were there in Julian and in the mesa when they came up the hill. It was very emotional for us.”

Added Ingram, “Everyone came together – the riders, volunteers, researchers. It was one big committed family, and it gave us all a tremendous lift.”

Ingram’s treatment at Moores has gone very well, and he’s achieved all of the goals he set

Brett and Ingram Chodorow and Brett's three children

Brett and Ingram Chodorow and Brett’s three children

when he was first diagnosed, including seeing the birth of two more grand kids. “I need more goals now!” said Ingram.

Goal one: Celebrating his birthday and Father’s Day this weekend with three generations of Chodorows.

Goal two: Cheering Team Chodorow on for Pedal the Cause 2014.

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