John Howard, Cycling Legend & Guru

This upcoming October, there will be quite a few distinguished athletes participating in San Diego’s first ever Pedal the Cause cycling fundraiser. One of these distinguished, and frankly legendary, athletes is the intriguing and daring John Howard. John has Raced Across America, won the Hawaii Ironman, raced on three Olympic teams, and set abicycle speed record of 152.6 mph! With all these accolades under John’s belt, he humbly insists the most satisfying thing he does is “help cyclists get more out of their bodies and their bikes.”


Between running a successful cycling training business, his own cycling training, writing books and articles, and winning cycling races all over the globe, John still makes time for important matters like Pedal the Cause.

John will be participating as a Pedal the Cause team captain for John Howard Sports in the 2-day epic cycling fundraiser. John and his teammates have made a pledge to raise funds for the pursuit of a cure of cancer.

Touched by cancer in a big way, John came face to face with cancer as a teenager when his uncle, who was a lifelong cigarette smoker, passed away from lung cancer. Then his father, Harry, had prostate cancer but was eventually cured. John’s longtime coach and mentor, Ray Florman, eventually succumbed to the same cancer.

Other than having the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary adventure, his team is excited to join Pedal the Cause’s mission of getting people on bikes to promote health and wellness and working together with San Diego’s finest resources to create faster and better treatments for cancer, and ultimately a cure.

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