Meet Padres Pedal Rider: Michael Faketty

Nothing gets us more excited than hearing what motivates our riders to join Padres Pedal the Cause–everyone has a story, a reason why they Pedal and sharing these amazing stories keeps us all inspired to fight the good the fight.

Michael Faketty

Michael Faketty: Padres Pedal First-Time Rider & Yellow Jersey

Michael Faketty is a first-time participant in Padres Pedal who is riding 100 miles this November. Amazingly, he has raised over $7,500 in less than a month to reach Padres Peleton and Yellow Jersey incentive levels! Michael is a former Navy SEAL and Kona IRONMAN competitor who was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in June of 2012. Mike is currently receiving extraordinary treatment at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health, a Padres Pedal beneficiary. It’s partly because of the excellent care he is receiving that he is able to join us at the event this year.

We caught up with Michael to find out a little more about why he rides Padres Pedal.


Pedal: Mike, it’s an honor to have you as a rider this year. How did you first hear about Padres Pedal?

Mike: Dr. Bazhenova is heading the clinical trial I have been participating in for the past three years. Knowing that I continue to ride my bike during my treatment she mentioned Pedal the Cause to me during one of my monthly visits which sparked an interest in participating in the ride. She also said she was a recipient of a grant from Pedal the Cause.


Pedal: As a former Navy Seal and IRONMAN triathlete, you’re no stranger to rigorous training and commitment towards your goals. How has your background prepared you for the fight against this disease?

Mike: It’s taught me that it takes a strong will, discipline and determination to deal with the constant challenges in fighting cancer.


Pedal: In addition to your own battle, who are you are riding for this year?

Mike: I ride in the memory of Shiela Bradburn and Mrs. Ann Remley. I also ride in honor of the many Frogmen/SEALs and their family members who have been affected by this disease.


Pedal: What message do you have for those out there fighting their own battle against cancer?

Mike: They continue to make advances in cancer research and more are being developed every year, so there is hope. Stay strong, never quit and never ever give up.

The only easy day was yesterday. HooYah! – Mike


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