Soledad Albino: “Do it for her.”

Meet Soledad “Sol” Albino, whoĀ is on the brink of 14 years oldĀ andĀ has had to endure more than most in a lifetime.




Separated from her mom at a young age, Sol’s siblings tried to keep the family together and in touch with their deported mother. Then, in the fall of 2016, Sol’s mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – hard news to hear at any age. Two months later, Soledad began having intense stomach pain, and was diagnosed with Stage III Wilms’ tumor, a rare cancer of the kidneys that primarily affects children.


DespiteĀ being so far away, her mom inspired Sol to fight. “I couldn’t see her for the longest time – that’s what broke me the most.” She knew she had to fight for her mom, for everyone.

Watch Sol’s story and how she hasn’t stopped smiling since receiving a cancer-free diagnosis this year.

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