Tips On How To Meet And Exceed Your Fundraising Goals (Infographic)

Tips on How to Meet and Exceed Your Fundraising Goals

When you’re participating in a fundraiser, your first priority is meeting your fundraising goal. But how? Even if you don’t feel like an expert at raising money for a good cause, Padres Pedal the Cause has some ideas to help you meet your goals and more. Follow these tips to help you reach your fundraising goals!


  • Make it personal. The best way to get people involved in a cause is to show them why they should care. Use your personal connection to your cause to help people understand why donating is so important.
  • Get creative. Raising money requires getting the attention of potential donors, so do something creative! Make some art, plan a fun challenge or do something silly to get people talking about your fundraiser.
  • Just ask. It’s surprising how many people will donate if you ask them! Use your social media accounts, send out emails, make phone calls and ask person-to-person. Encourage friends to share and get the word out about your cause, too.
  • Go big. Ask the company you work for or companies in your community if they’d be willing to donate to your fundraiser. You’re likely to get larger donations from businesses!
  • Use matching donations. Find out if the company you work for matches charitable donations. Alternately, offer to match donations made through you!
  • Make donating easy. Few of us write checks or carry cash anymore. If donating is as easy as clicking a few buttons online, more people will take a few minutes to send some money your way.


Fundraising doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use these tips to help meet—and exceed—your goals!

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