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Whether you are a first-time rider starting on the 25-mile Mission Bay Cruiser or glutton for punishment looking to tackle the 88-mile Honey Springs Heartbreaker, we’re here to help you with specialized training plans. These plans are designed to provide a simple structure for every rider to reach their desired goal by event weekend.

The training plans provided outline the minimum recommended training, with one long ride per week.  The long ride distances are based on the concept of gradual progression and recovery.  In addition to a weekly long ride, we suggest you also ride (or do a spin class) one to two other times per week.

Note: If you have signed up for a two-day challenge, please select the training plan that corresponds with the longer of your two distances.


If you have any questions regarding the above training plans or training in general, ask us at


We hold monthly group training rides for riders of all skill levels to help you build your ability and comfort on the road. All rides are fully supported with ride leaders, detailed maps, mechanical support and refueling stations. Come on out and be part of the Padres Pedal community!

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We also encourage you to supplement your training by joining local group rides that originate from our Pedal Partner bike shops around town. These Pedal Partners also offer special discounts to our riders.

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