What are the Top Five Things Successful Team Captains Do?

Picture 077Keep it light. You’re the camp counselor, not the drill sergeant.  You’re the catalyst, not the manager. Pedal the Cause is a challenge, but it’s also about coming together and having fun for a good cause.

Create and communicate short-term team goals.  Achieving small bite-size goals is fun and motivating for people.  For example, “We’re now at 5 members.  Let’s get to 10 by the end of the month.  We can achieve that if everyone goes out and get’s one more person to register.”  OR, “Let’s set a goal of having everyone get at least one donation this week.”  Then send a follow up email with the results and encourage everyone to keep working toward those goals. It can be about cycling or cancer.  It doesn’t always have to be about Pedal the Cause.  You’re part of a team because you share something else in common aside from Pedal the Cause.

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Reach out to the team through SHORT emails on a regular basis.  Don’t feel like you need to send out well thought-out and comprehensive emails – that will only put pressure on you, and bore your teammates.  Do quick shout outs to people about life moments, training anecdotes or fundraising achievements; or share links about anything relevant to the team – news about shared experiences that brought you together, news

Bring people together. In a light-hearted and fun way, highlight what people have in common, or who’s blazing a path and leaving someone else in the dust – around training, fundraising, or winning a good-natured bet. And host team events, either training rides or non-cycling get togethers that encourage the team members to interact with each other.

Don’t forget about INDIVIDUAL connections.  Everyone has an individual motivation for riding, and a different comfort level with cycling, fundraising and being part of a team.  So it’s important for you to connect with them one-on-one – through email, phone call or face-to-face.  Through these one-on-one connections you can develop great friendships and learn some things that might inspire yourself and others. These connections will also help everyone feel like an important part of the team, and help them stay motivated and engaged.

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Have questions about being a team captain? Email info@pedalthecause.org

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