Who is Riding: Brett Chodorow

Stepping up to the challenge of his first ever-cycling event

Brett Chodorow is riding in the 2-day event for Team Chodorow

After his father was diagnosed with lung cancer this past spring, Brett Chodorow’s wife, Limor, soon learned about Pedal the Cause and urged Brett to sign up as she saw Pedal as a way for Brett to support his father and bring something positive into what was a very difficult time for their family.Brett and His Father

Having never participated in any kind of cycling event prior to Pedal, Brett fearlessly committed to the two-day ride. He knew he would have to put a lot of effort into training to be able to climb up mountains, so he started training soon after he registered and has been riding all summer. “I really enjoy the Pedal the Cause training rides and getting to know the other riders, and am looking to forward to riding up to Julian with them,” says Brett.

Brett lost his grandmother to cancer when he was very young and he wishes some of today’s treatments were available to her when she was diagnosed.  His father’s diagnosis surprised everyone but Brett’s family has been very pleased with not only his response to his treatments but also by the care has received.

“I didn’t realize how illness could make me feel so lonely and isolated – but being part of an organization like Pedal the Cause has had a huge positive impact on me because so many others are in similar situations,” says Brett. “Everyone at Pedal the Cause is there to support those we love and care about.  I don’t have the words to explain the emotions I’ve gotten while climbing during a training ride with a group of men and women who are all there for the same reason.”

Overwhelmed with the generosity and support that his friends have shown towards his Pedal the Cause fundraising, Brett will be sporting the yellow jersey. “So many have donated, and so generously, that I struggle to find a way to let them know how much it means not only to me, but to my family.  While training, I feel like they are all with me, cheering me on and giving me the encouragement I need to get up those tough hills,” says Brett. And when hecrosses the finish line back in La Jolla on Sunday October 27, after logging nearly 120 miles, he is most looking forward to hugging his family when he gets off the bike. 

When it comes to fundraising, Brett thinks it is important that those being asked to donate understand why you are riding and the commitment you are putting in each week.  He hopes that when people hear all he is doing, they will be more inclined to contribute. Concludes Brett, “There is no gift too small and ALL support Pedal the Cause receives is appreciated and cherished.  We have all been touched by cancer and it is a way for all of us to support one another.”

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