Who is Riding: Kathy Pyle

My Pursuit to Better the Future for Cancer Patients

Kathy Pyle

One short year ago, cancer took my dad’s life. Until my dad was first diagnosed with liver and colon cancer, 3 years ago, I had never been impacted by this complex disease.  kathyHowever, once he was diagnosed, cancer became very real to me.  I saw my dad turn into a guinea pig, as the doctors’ prescribed countless test and trials, which provided some hope, but nothing seemed to work. The power of this disease was reinforced in my mind when I recently heard a close college girlfriend of mine was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  After learning she only has a short time left to live, I feel now more than ever it’s my personal mission to have some part in stopping this destructive disease.

Now I see that cancer is a disease that affects everyone.  Whether you are diagnosed personally or you watch a close one suffer, we all face our own battles.  Everyone has a story to share or someone’s life to remember.  For me, Pedal the Cause truly hits close to home. I look forward to the impact my participation will have.  No matter the connection one may have with cancer, Pedal the Cause will help everyone in the future and greatly benefit our San Diego community.

As an avid cyclist, Pedal the Cause embodies my passion of riding.  I grew up enamored with watching Iron Man.  As a kid, I was fueled by adventures and always wanted to get into sports.  When I was in college, I first began mountain biking.  However, I soon came to realize that it’s hard to mountain bike on your own and quickly switched to road biking.  This was eleven years ago and to this day I am still as much in love with cycling as I was before.  I find cycling to be a way to explore and clear my brain.  In a sense, it is my personal yoga. I would recommend the sport to anyone and everyone. Riders of all levels should be excited to ride with our Team for Pedal the Cause!

Life Technologies’ support behind this cause is truly special.  I’ve been a part of similar fundraisers in the past and can say from first handed experience how unique Pedal the Cause is.  This fundraiser is very unique to our company because it fits perfectly with our mission to make cancer chronic.  As employees at Life Technologies, we are on the brink of revolutionizing healthcare. The work we do here at our company is already providing hope for future patients.  Participation with Pedal the Cause will further enforce this.  Patients can now get the specific treatment and care they need, which my father and friend were not fortunate enough to have.

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