Who is Riding: Laura Kanellos

Laura Kanellos is team captain of #TEAMbpw

“Through these years I have learned that this life is short and the most important thing you can do is make a difference while you are here,” begins Laura, captain of #TEAMbpw, who are riding with and in support of Brooke Wilson, currently a patient at Moores Cancer Center and undergoing treatment for melanoma.

Laura’s passion for helping other and making a difference, developed through years of fundraisers and rides, found the perfect home in Pedal the Cause. “I joined Pedal because of the mission and the organizations it supports.

The ride and the miles will be a celebration of the half way mark of Brooke’s chemotherapy, of riding my bike with my best friend, of supporting a cause that will

Laura and Brooke 1directly affect her future, of funsie sleeping bags at camp and of the excitement surrounding our tiny team of 6 who have raised over $17,000!”

Cancer has been a factor is Laura’s life for years, afflicting both sides of her family. “For me the biggest battle with cancer was with my Pop who lived for close to 18 years with cancer within his body. He died from prostate cancer in 2002. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have him and Mima.”

With her personal history with cancer, including Brooke’s recent diagnosis, and focus on helping others, Pedal the Cause was a natural fit for Laura. Her drive and determination have led #TEAMbpw to raise

over $17,000, and Laura herself recently crossed the $2,500 mark herself to officially be a rider. “The way I raise money is by putting a name and face and a story behind the event. Allowing my donors to feel like they are just as much a part of the experience. I also utilize social media big time. I find that a lot of people can relate to causes like the ones Pedal supports. Most want to be involved and being a donor is one of the most important parts of this ride. My donors are truly truly special.”

Laura and Brooke 3

Through all this hard work, Laura is most looking forward to the start and finish of the event, and the feeling of accomplishment in knowing that she and her team have done something to help someone else’s life seem a little lighter. “That is what is important in life, knowing that you made some kind of a difference – even if it’s small.”

Concludes Laura, “Every dollar we raise goes to helping Brooke and others within our community who are going through this process. I want to make sure they know that #TEAMbpw is behind them 150%! I wish I could hug every single person that this money will help.”



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