Who is Riding? Meet Kate Deering

Kate Deering is participating in the 1-day ride and is riding with Bill’s Angels

Like so many others, Kate Deering knows too many people who have been affected by cancer.  A Del Mar resident, Kate is a Fitness and Nutrition specialist who hears stories every day from clients, friends and/or families who are dealing with cancer. Kate’s connection to cancer hits close to home, affecting multiple family members, including her older brother. This is one reason Kate has dedicated her life to teaching, learning and living a healthy lifestyle.

Kate Deering photo2“My job is to teach people how to live a healthy life so they can avoid Cancer,” said Kate. However, in today’s world, with all the daily toxins we encounter it’s hard to say if cancer can be avoided even with the healthiest of lifestyles. This is why I have committed myself to helping a cause that needs constant support.”

Kate will be participating in the Pedal the Cause one-day ride as part of Bill’s Angels team. Even though Kate considers herself a physically active person this will be her first cycling event – ever! Stepping into this completely new world, Kate is learning all about the finer points of cycling. From the special shirts and drafting techniques to the demanding efforts it takes to physically train and mentally prepare for an event like this.

“Despite the physical demands and weird clothing, training for Pedal the Cause has been nothing short of an adventure.  Cycling has opened me up to a whole new world, one of new friends and new experiences.   You don’t have to be “cyclist” to participate in this event, just someone who wants to make a difference, enjoys being around great people and is looking for a fun new experience,” said Kate.

Kate became aware of Pedal the Cause through Bill Koman, the founder of Pedal the Cause and two-time cancer survivor.  As Bill’s trainer, Kate sees Bill a couple times a week so she knows all the work that goes into such an important event like Pedal the Cause.

“Bill is a natural athlete and whether he is in the gym or trying to fight cancer he gives it 110%. Putting on a cycling event is an enormous endeavor; I had no idea so much work was involved.  I respect anyone who wants to make such a HUGE impact in today’s world. Not only will the city of San Diego benefit from all his work but also will the lives of so many people,” said Kate.

Kate has already raised $3,800 of her $5,000 fundraising goal for Pedal the Cause.  So what is Kate’s secret to raising so much money to support research for cancer? “Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard or scary.  The key is don’t be afraid to ask. Once you realized people want to support you, raising money can actually become fun and exciting,” said Kate.

Here are a couple of Kate’s fundraising tips that have worked for her:

  1. Take advantage of the email tool in your rider profile page to send personal emails to family and friends.
  2. Share your rider profile page on Facebook with a short message
  3. Repeat this every 2-3 weeks. Do not be afraid to be repetitive – people are busy so your message may get lost in the shuffle

Kate’s theory is “ask and ask often…whatever it takes to get the job done.”

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